Y4M stands for Why-4-M's.  The four M's represent Model, Metrics, Measure and Manage

Model the business environment to identify key success factors and required work flow. 

Compile Metrics for the various mission critical business activities that, if accomplished, would ensure business success. 

Establish a solid, fully integrated IT solution to be able to Measure and track the business processes, thereby providing real-time metrics to all managers in the organisation.

Finally, the loop is closed by providing the tools to Manage, visualise and identify areas suitable for continuous improvement. Often the management tasks are automated.

To enable the above, Y4M employs an enterprise resource planning system (Odoo) to achieve an exact set of features required by you without reinventing the wheel or you having to pay for core functionalities. 

Built on a solid and proven technology stack ,  the platform has the following differentiating features:

  • Object orientated with upgrade path after customisation

  • Hugely configurable

  • Satisfies a high level of standard business processes out of the box

  • Low cost of ownership or use as Software as a Service (SAAS)

  • Easy and controlled methods to customise business objects through inheritance

  • Highly scalable

  • Secure with user and functional group level access rights to all objects in the system

  • Browser and Cloud based

  • Supports mobile devices (mobile aware).

7 Million users

grow their business with on this platform

Odoo, the platform on which we build our solutions, has a unique value proposition.  It is both feature rich and user friendly.  We start with that as a basis and build all your specific needs on top of this versatile and proven platform

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